GroPocket Kit - for tower
Parts to make a 10-pocket grow-tower. With Quick-Release sprinkler assembly. #GroPockets 10kit
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This is the parts kit to make a 10-pocket grow-tower.  The kit has:
10 x GroPockets
10 x net pots
1 x foam splash guard
1 x water delivery assembly including nozzle/spinner

All you need is a 1.8 mtr length of 100 mm (4") PVC pipe and some basic tools.

GroPockets are used to turn PVC pipe into the ideal vertical growing system. GroPockets are glued over holes drilled into PVC pipe and hold the plant crowns above the wet root zone. Special low-volume sprinklers are used to distribute the nutrient solution for hydroponic and aquaponic systems.  The Drilling & Set-out Template (sold separately) helps you align the holes for best spacing.
It is faster, easier, and cheaper to eliminate the growing media inside the pipe. Plants are easier to harvest without having to untangle roots from media. This design facilitates the  lowest operating cost of any vertical growing system. Commercial aquaponics and hydroponics growers can now have the advantages of higher plant densities in greenhouses with low labor cost.

Go here to see videos about GroPockets

Gro Pocket system. How to build a GroPocket tower. from Murray Hallam on Vimeo.

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Review : I like this.

Would this work on 150mm PVC?

Yes, but much better with 100mm pipe. You would need to stretch the groPockets a bit so if not carefully glewed into place some leaking may occur.

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