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GroPockets are used to turn PVC pipe into the ideal vertical growing system. GroPockets are glued over holes drilled int...

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GroPocket tower water-delivery assembly
Quick-Release water-delivery assembly for a grow-tower. Comes ready assembled and fits into a 25mm threaded connection.
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This assembly allows for easy fitting, operation of the tower and, very importantly, easy cleaning and maintenance of the sprinkler head.  

Please note:  although we have not had any need to clean the sprinkler head during our normal operation of the towers, it is strongly recommended that a regular schedule of checking and necessary maintenance is followed.
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I am buying from the United States. Are these the same as the water delivery assembly on

Very similar, and yes, they will be good.

What PSI or pump head loss is needed to run these ? expected Flow rate?

Hi, We are running 6 towers off a 2500 lph pump with a 6 mtr head and there is capacity to spare. Regards Murray

Hi - Your water delivery system appears to differ from the premium version sold by Pls would you explain why your delivery system is preferable? Do you use a splash guard? Could you simply supply the spray nozzle? Cheers, Guy

Yes we could supply just the nozzle if you wish. Theirs is slightly different to ours because they are in the USA and we are in Australia so we have different nozzles available to us. It is just that simple. We both spent some time trying various locally available nozzles until we found the most suitable. I hope this helps Regards Murray

May I ask what you are doing to filter the aquaponics water before it goes to the sprinklers on the towers?

Yes, the water is drawn from the sump of our INDY 23 system. The water has already been through a swirl filter from the fish tank and is also recirculated through the media beds utilising our CHOP 2 methodology. The GroTowers can be easily added to an existing Aquaponics system, just as we have done. If you wanted to build a stand alone GroTower system then you would need some mechanical and bio filtration after the fish tank and before the GroTowers. I hope this helps.

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