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Seed Starter Pack
Murray's choice seed starter pack. All organic-certified seed to grow the very best for you and your family. AVAILABLE ONLY IN AUSTRALIA, excluding Tas & WA. #Seeds-mixed
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Includes "How to raise seeds successfully".

Pack composition changes depending on availability of varieties.  Below is a sample of what may be provided. 

Bean "Blue Lake" Blue Lake is considered to be one of the best-tasting bush beans. Round, green, stringless pods, 15 - 17 cm.
Cucumber "Marketmor76" Produces attractive, non-bitter, dark green fruit 20cm long. Good disease resistance, high producer.
Egg Plant "Black Beauty" Syn. Aubergine, Brinjal. Heirloom variety introduced in 1902. The fruits are dark purple with an excellent flavour. Grows exceptionally well in gravel grow beds.
Tomato "Roma San Marzano" A vigorous, reliable variety with clusters of deep-red pear-shaped fruit. Ideal for bottling, cooking, pastes and drying, and has few seeds.
Tomato "Moneymaker" An old English variety, producing plenty of intense red medium-sized fruit. Thin-skinned with solid flesh and excellent flavour. Copes well with high humidity.
Tomato "Camp Joy" Syn. Chadwick Cherry. An Heirloom cherry-tomato with fruit a little larger than other cherry types, carried in clusters of 6.  It has a delicious sweet flavour and is very productive. Disease resistant.
Lettuce "Organic Mix" A colourful mix of "cut & come again" leaf lettuce. Salad bowl, buttercrunch, cos, freckles.  Sow all year except very hot periods, as seed will not germinate in temps over 30 deg. C.
Tatsoi Tatsoi Syn. Chinese flat cabbage. A traditional Chinese vegetable that forms a flat, compact rosette. It has a mild flavour and can be cut a few leaves at a time. Young leaves are an enjoyable addition to a salad.
Mizuna Mizuna Syn. Japanese mustard. A traditional Japanese salad green. A very nice addition to a salad mix and can be cut a few leaves at a time. Mild flavour. Older leaves can be steamed like spinich. Flowers are attractive to beneficial insects, particularly Australian Native Bees.
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