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ProtaPod - commercial-sized biopod
1200 mm (4') diameter. Big brother to the well known BioPod, for the production of Black Soldier Fly Larvae on a commercial scale. #ProtaPod 4ft
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·        Pair of angled 30˚ migration ramps allow for natural migration and auto-separation of mature grubs
·        Exit chute at the top of the ramps enables grubs to auto-collect into any receptacle for simple and fast harvesting
·        Durable, heavy-duty construction ensures long life and multi-year use
·        Open-style system maximizes air flow maintaining aerobic conditions throughout
·        Enormous capacity allows volume processing of waste
·        Ridged, channelized bottom prevents pooling of liquids, and permits passive drainage of effluent into sealed liquid collection system
·        Large capacity. The Protapod is 1200 mm (4') in diameter

Significant reduction of fresh manure and carcasses in both volume and weight at commercial livestock operations
·        Recapture valuable proteins & lipids as renderable, self-separating biomass
·        Low-cost production of sustainable aquaculture / aquaponic feed without depletion of pelagic ocean fisheries
·        Nutritional food for most varieties of domestic poultry
·        Enhances backyard habitat for insect-loving migratory song birds, using specialty feeder
·        Live, high-quality supplemental food rich in calcium that is ideal for herps and ornamental fish
·        Live grubs may be supplied to regional bait shops for resale to anglers
·        Friable compost high in cellulose easily transformed by vermiculture into lucrative worm castings or utilized raw as a value-added soil amendment

·        1120 mm (44") top and 860 mm (34") bottom diameters
·        overall body height of 670 mm (26.4")
·        empty unit weighs 11.4 kg (25.1 lbs)
·        Digestion Rate = 9.5 kg (21 lbs) / day (based on 1/2 full unit)
·        functional capacity of 4 times the standard BioPod
·        15-20% bioconversion rate of food scraps into grubs
·        8 years of product testing
·        made responsibly in Vietnam
·        durable, roto-molded medium density polyethylene; rigid structural integrity
·        Outside diameter (OD) of external chute is 41 mm or (1 9/16”)
·        Unit must be sheltered from direct sunlight and precipitation


Pupae / Prepupae / Mature Grubs
  • Fish and Poultry - Direct Food
  • Conversion into Constituents via Rendering
  • Bio-Diesel from lipids
  • Pet Industry - Live or Dried Foods
  • Live Bait for angler community
  • Bird Feeders / Wildlife Food
  • Chitin and Chitosan source
Juveniles / Mixed Instars
  • Fish food
  • Pet food
  • Starter Colonies
Liquid Effluent / Tea
  • Bio-attractant for BSF  adult females
  • Repellent for Filth Flies
  • Combination with Zeolite
  • Dilution into a Liquid Fertilizer
Compost / Black Friable Residue
  • Component of Soil Amendment
  • Vermiculture - Transformation into Worm Castings
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