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BioPod Plus
The BioPod Plus is the latest and most up-to-date unique propagation device for growing Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae. The larvae are high in protein and essential amino acids linked to fast growth and health in fish and poultry. #BP+
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BioPod PLUS - Some Key Features    
With a BioPod PLUS™ the conversion of household or commercial food waste into a valuable animal or fish food source becomes a simple process. Simply load and harvest (with some help from the Black Soldier Fly - BSF). 

Black Soldier Fly larvae production is a wonderful way to feed your fish (and chooks).  By processing all of your veggie scraps through your BioPod, you will be making your own high-protein organic fish food at home.
BioPod - Residential2.jpgThis is the adult Black Soldier Fly.

BioPod - Residential3.jpgThis is the Black Soldier Fly larvae.  

Go to the BIO POD PLUS WEBSITE to read more about the BIO POD PLUS

See my video clip about the BioPod

For the  BioPod PLUS unit: 
  • Improved usability, manageability, and mobility as compared to a traditional worm farm
  • Ability to capture larvae before they crawl/fly away
  • Divert and digest all food scraps from smelly garbage bin, kitchen insinkerator and open-air garden composter
  • Re-capture valuable lipids and proteins found in kitchen waste and transform them into usable live food for domesticanimals
  • Family-friendly system provides children with an education in sustainability and organic gardening
  • Helps reduce carbon footprint associated with food scraps, as they decay into methane in landfills
  • Actively-feeding BSF lavae secrete a natural fly repellant called a synomone (an interspecies, chemical communication) that alerts and warns other kinds of flies to stay away from the food, since BSF are already present, so they (BSF) actively exclude other insects from the BioPod
  • BSF are self-separating, auto-harvesting, robust, prolific, hardy, indigenous, harmless, easy-to-store, simple to transport, dry to the touch in pupal stage, and extremely nutritious for your fish or poultry!
  • The BioPod PLUS can process up to 1 tonne of waste food per year
  • The BioPod PLUS is water-proof and can sit in the open (shaded area recommended)
  • The BioPod's elegant design fits into most urban environments.  It is clean and attractive. 
  • The BioPod PLUS can be disassembled for shipping
  • 670mm L x 395mm W x 45mm H
  • Circular top opening - 230 mm diameter 
  • PlasticBase Plate - 420 mm L x 260 mm W x 3 mm thick

    We can arrange shipping to most Australian locations via Australia Parcel Post.   
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I was hoping to order the small soldier fly pod. Could you tell me when they will be in stock. Can I pay for it now. Regards. Andrew

Hi, Sorry they are about two months away. Not taking orders until they arrive as we do not know what the landed cost will be as yet.

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