Electrical Conductivity Meter
The nutrient load of your water affects its conductivity. This Bluelab Truncheon® EC Meter measures the electrical conductivity of your water, helping you keep track of your necessary nutrient levels. It is the world's favourite nutrient meter! #EC 1
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Super tough, high quality, and fully waterproof.  No calibration required.  Daylight-readable blue LED's.  This is the GENUINE Made in NZ product, not the cheap imitation made in China.

It is essential in your aquaponics system to know what the strength of your nutrient solution is.  This is easy with the Bluelab Truncheon.  

To take a reading of your solution, simply place the probe head into the fish-tank water for 1-2 minutes to reach the same temperature as the solution. Remove it from the solution and place it back in to take the reading as indicated by the flashing lights. Rinse the probe after use and clean it once a week to ensure the meter remains accurate.

Calibration of the meter is not required and it's great for stirring your nutrient tank too! 

Electrical Conductivity Meter - Worlds best - very accurate.  




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I have one of these from my hydroponics days when using growth and flowering supplements. But with Aquaponics I want to stay organic.. With fish. So what should the readings be, I have looked on the web for hrs but found nothing that really helps unless I use supplements. Cheers if you can help. Chris.

EC readings are only useful in Aquaponics if adding ordinary sea salt for some reason such as disease control in the fish side. Organic type nutrients are not "salts" as used in Hydroponic nutrient solutions. Therefore an EC reader of some sort does not give nutrient readings in an Aquaponics system. Murray

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