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Pump 12 volt 360 gph (1380 Lph)
Rule 360 gph (1380 Lph) submersible electric pump for use as a back-up aeration pump in aquaponics systems. Comes with extended leads, which are soldered and shrink wrapped for protection. #112/300
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Rule 360 bilge pump used for backup in Aquaponics

Compact submersible electric pump.  Water-cooled, ignition-protected motor, stainless steel shaft and snap on/snap-off base.  

These Rule pumps are extremely efficient, low-current draw (2.1 amps) with very high capacity for such a compact unit.  
  • 360 gph - 1380 Lph
  • 87 mm H x 60 mm W
  • 12 volt DC
  • 2.1 amp draw
  • Hose outlet suits 20mm hose
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Hi guys,re this pump..I'm wanting to set up a back up pump for some water movement in my FT should the power go off..disturb the top of the water to create aeration. Can I ask what size and type of battery would be the best,maybe connect a trickle car charger. Would I need a charge controller between the battery and the car trickle charger ? Sorry if these Q,s aren't correct for this site Cheers..Jason

Hi Jason, A small smart charger will work very well for you. A decent car battery of say 100 amp hours will give 4 to 5 hours of backup time. I hope this is helpful Regards Murray

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