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TotePonics - Pipe & Fittings Kit
Complete pipe and fittings kit for the TotePonics (IBC) system, including ready-made auto-siphons. #AQ-ToteParts 1
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If you are following our plans to build the DIY TotePonics (IBC) system, then this pipe and fittings kit is for you.

All the pipe and fittings needed are included in the kit.  The kit also includes 3 x auto-siphons that are complete and ready to fit to your grow beds. The kit even includes the adhesive to join the pipe and fittings.  This will save you time in going from hardware store to hardware store getting all the parts and then having to go back again because you forgot something.  We have done all the footwork and have it all together for you to make your DIY system build as worry-free as possible.


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I live in Melbourne Australia what size pomp do you recommend for this system and what is the cost if it is not in the fit

All the specifications, layout and cutting and fitting instructions are provided in the kit. Our DVD, Aquaponics DIY has a PDF file showing all the details.

Murray, Can you please provide a list of all the parts included in this kit? Your DVD For the Toteponics system shows you using flex pipe on the supply side but you the pictures in the plans indicate hard supply pipe.

The pipe provided is hard PVC pipe and fittings to suit. After we made the video we realised it was better to build in 25mm PVC. Works better, less resistance for the pump. Regards Murray

how big is the system that can be built with these fittings muchelle

The fittings and pipes are to suit the Toteponics Plans. They are available as part of our DVD "Aquaponics DIY" Or are included in our Plan Book. I hope this helps Regards Murray

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