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Backup Power-Fail Switch and Leads
Provides 12-volt power to backup aerator system. Over 1500 in service over a 7 year history. The original and best. #570/001
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 (24-volt model available on request)

This is a very robust, reliable device.  There are hundreds of this model in service.  The heavy-duty leads and components will stand the test of time and will work when needed.
The purpose of this system is to keep the fish tank aerated for an hour or two if power goes out due to a storm or a car hitting a power pole, etc., during the night or while you are at work. If there was a long-term power outage, due to a cyclone or similar, which would have the power out for several hours or a day or more, you would use this system until you could get a 240-volt generator set up to run your normal pumps, etc. 

I have learned the hard way the effects of no aeration for even short periods of time, especially with high-density fish stocking in aquaponic systems.  My choice of aeration device is a 12-volt marine bilge pump sending water through a small upright with a diffuser spray head at the top creating a waterfall effect, thereby breaking the water surface and providing very effective aeration of the fish tank.

While the 240-volt (mains) power supply is on, the switch relay is held open and no 12-volt power flows to the 12-volt water- or air-pump.  When the 240-volt power supply goes off, the switch relay closes and 12-volt power flows through from a 12-volt battery to the aeration device.  The instant the 240-volt supply goes off, the 12-volt system will start, and the instant the 240-volt supply is restored, the 12-volt system switches off. 

The device will also switch on a second pump in the sump to clear water back to the fish tank. This function makes it worthwhile to set up this system.  If the mains power fails and there is still a large volume of water in the grow beds, it will continue to drain into the sump. A 12-volt sump pump is necessary to move this water back to the fish tank, otherwise the sump will overflow and precious water will be lost. 

The bigger the battery, the longer the standby pump/device will run. The size of the battery is important; more battery = more running time.  For example, a battery costing around $100 would run something like a 12-volt 500gph pump for 5 or 6 hours. 

This Backup Power-Fail Switch is excellent for use with Pump - 12-volt x 500 gph with Hose & Hose Fittings (#112/301), also available on this website.
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When will the backup power fail switch for 240V be back in stock?

Hi, Yes we have materials and parts arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) so they will be available. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. We have been overseas conducting Aquaponics Master Classes. Back home now.

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