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INDY 23 Plan Set
The Indy 23 aquaponic system will provide a family of four with all the vegetables needed, year-round, with proper management. This Plan Set covers everything you need to know to build your own Indy 23 system.
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  • Description
The Indy 23 is the ultimate home food-production system, with 23 sqm (250 sqf) of vegetable-growing area and the capacity to comfortably raise 50 kg (110 lbs) of fish per year.  

All types of plants are catered for in the design: fruiting crops such as tomatoes, egg plant and cucumbers flourish in the Grow Beds (media beds); leafy greens of every kind put on excellent growth in the Deep Water Culture (DWC) bed; and root vegetables like potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes can be grown in the Wicking Bed.

The system's twin fish tanks let you grow two separate batches of fish at the same time, or have two lots of the same fish at different stages of growth, allowing for consistent supply for the table.

This design is the result of eight years of continuing research, trials and actual food production.  As our name “Practical Aquaponics” implies, we have actually built and run successful and productive Indy 23 systems for years.  This is a proven system, which has been taken up by builders and users all over the world.  It can be built by anyone with a moderate level of skill in basic construction, and with access to commonly-available materials.

The 38 full-colour A3 pages of the Plan Set include detailed instructions and complete lists of quantities needed. A plumbing layout is included, and every fitting needed is listed.

Each Plan Set has its own unique registration number, and is personally signed by Murray Hallam.  When you purchase the Plan Set, you also get free membership in our exclusive INDY 23 forum, where Indy 23 owners from around the globe share photos, experiences and tips.  A great place to meet fellow enthusiasts from around the world.

Name : George M.
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Review : Very, very happy with the plans Murray. Excellent job. I am starting my project after Christmas and will keep you updated on progress. Thanks for an excellent set of plans. George M.

Hello, I live in new caledonia and I'm interested in aquaponics system indy 23, I wonder if you sell your plans in french? and whether that could es that delivered the kit in new caledonia. regards, waiting for your answer thank you guillaume hartmann

Hi, sorry, only in English. Regards Murray

How much space does this system take?

Hi See here for details about the INDY 23 system.

Dear Murray and co Do you have the plans for a vertical system or a media free and non raft. I am allergic to mould and heard that media systems can be succeptable to mould. kind regards Ally

See our website that deals with vertical systems here: It is not really true that Aquaponics is subject to mould.

How much Land ,water,electricity is required by Indy 23

See directions and information here.

Dear sir can i purchase the complete set of plans shipped to BAHRAIN AND HOW MUCH.TOTAL FRICE IN US DOLLARS REGARDS DR. JAFFAR ALNAHDI

Hi Dr J, Just go in and purchase off the site, it will charge you in Australian $ which at today's rate will cost you about 326.27 USD. Your credit card company will make the adjustment automatically. If you want to pay via Paypal then I can send to you a USD invoice out of our Paypal account. If you have a Paypal account then you can easily pay in USD. I hope this is helpful Regards Murray

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