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INDY 11.5 Plan Set
The Indy 11.5 aquaponics system will provide a family of two with all the vegetables needed, year-round. This Plan Set contains all the information you need to build your own. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.
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The Indy 11.5 aquaponic system will provide a family of 2 with year-round vegetables, with a proper planting schedule and good management.

Build this robust and productive aquaponic system using this comprehensive plan set.

The Plan Set contains 16 full-colour A3 pages, plus over 40 pages of A4 building instructions, including a complete list of materials required.

Two different lay-outs are covered in the Plan Set - one with beds side-by-side, for a wider space, and one with beds in a line, for a longer, narrower space, such as down the side of a house.

Each Plan Set has its own unique registration number, and is personally signed by Murray Hallam.  When you purchase the Plan Set, you also get free membership in our exclusive INDY 11.5 forum, where Indy 11.5 owners from around the globe share photos, experiences and tips.  A great place to meet fellow enthusiasts from around the world.

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Is the price including the IBC tank and the two blue drums? What is the dimension of the grow-beds, please? I was thinking of housing the system in tunnel green house with 6x4 with the 2mtr height. Is that good enough? Looking forward for your reply. Regards, Dee Ardipradja

Hi Dee, It is a plan set with complete drawings, step by step instructions. It is not a build kit of components....sorry. You can see dimensions etc here

when will this be available?

Hi, These will be available in electronic format by the middle of November. You will be able to download and print at home. Regards Murray

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