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Murray Hallam Founder / Director Practical Aquaponics.

About Practical Aquaponics.

Welcome to Practical Aquaponics.
 Practical Aquaponics was formed in January 2006

Since that time we have developed a range of Aquaponic Kits and accessories that have been delivered to every state of Australia.  Exported to Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, Bermuda, Singapore, United States. 

Additionally, we have delivered Aquaponics training programs across Australia, the United States, India, Morocco, Puerto Rico. 

We have distributed our three full length Aquaponics DVD’s to every country in the world.  Our You Tube clips have been viewed more than three million times. Practical Aquaponics has been featured on Gardening Australia. Costas Garden Odyssey, Totally Wild, and on Australian Sixty Minutes. 

It is a little over seven years ago that I discovered Aquaponics and I have to admit it has been an obsession ever since. I have been fortunate enough to travel across Australia and America visiting farms and home installations of Aquaponics and delivering training.

It is most inspiring to be involved in a new fledgling industry that has the capacity to deliver food purity and food security to all.   We are all Planet Stewards.

Whether you are new to Aquaponics or you are a seasoned practitioner, it doesn’t matter; welcome to Practical Aquaponics.  You are and will always remain a VIP to us at Practical Aquaponics.

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Team Economics Pty Ltd
ABN 53 087 289 745

Trading as;
Practical Aquaponics
21 - 31 Hives Road
North Maclean Qld 4280