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by aquaponics on 20 Oct 2015
GroPockets are used to turn PVC pipe into the ideal vertical growing system. GroPockets are glued over holes drilled int...

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by aquaponics on 17 Jun 2015
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 by aquaponics on 20 Oct 2015 |
4 Comment(s)
GroPockets are used to turn PVC pipe into the ideal vertical growing system. GroPockets are glued over holes drilled into PVC pipe and hold the plant crowns above the wet root zone. Special low volume sprinklers are used to distribute the nutrient solution for hydroponic and aquaponic systems.
It is faster, easier, and cheaper to eliminate the growing media inside the pipe. Plants are easier to harvest without having to untangle roots from media. This design facilitates the  lowest operating cost of any vertical growing system. Commercial aquaponics and hydroponics growers can now have the advantages of higher plant densities in greenhouses with low labor cost.

This is a wonderful way to make use of vertical space to get that extra growing area.

Get the pockets and build your towers using 100mm (4") PVC pipe.

  See videos about GroPockets HERE


Colin Johnston - Comment
Colin Johnston21 Oct 2015Reply
Murray, please take a look at :
I have been thinking about thinner pipes but too easily blocked SO just look what these guys have done ... up-scaling them. High quality looking pipes too. No mention of fish but I'll recheck.
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics21 Oct 2015Reply
Excellent story Colin. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Love it. Looks like it might be hydro.
Colin Johnston - Comment
Colin Johnston25 Feb 2016Reply
Yes, but I noticed in pinterest, that one grower had simply placed what looked like a lunch box on top of the reservoir base and seemed to have a couple of goldfish inside. Can't be simpler than that.
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics25 Feb 2016Reply
Doubt if that would have worked.
Henry Bazira - Comment
Henry Bazira18 Mar 2016Reply
Thanks for the good work. We are an aquaponics training organisation in Uganda. We are interested in the quotation of the following equipment:,
Pumps,Water Metres,low cost pumps,oxygenerators and solar powered pumps
Thank you reply to the email used.
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics18 Mar 2016Reply
Hi, go to our shop site. What we sell is on there and make selections for the product you require. The prices are there for you to see.
J Ross Trahair - Comment
J Ross Trahair15 Jul 2016Reply
Loving our adventure into aquaponics, we have found your site most usful

Regards J Ross T
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics15 Jul 2016Reply
Thanks J Ross. Glad you find it useful.

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