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by aquaponics on 20 Oct 2015
GroPockets are used to turn PVC pipe into the ideal vertical growing system. GroPockets are glued over holes drilled int...

Tech Talk

by aquaponics on 17 Jun 2015
Tech Talk Introduction video. Join now to see Tech Talk video collection.     TechTalk-Introduction-2 from Murray Ha...

Tech Talk

 by aquaponics on 17 Jun 2015 |
4 Comment(s)
Tech Talk Introduction video. Join now to see Tech Talk video collection.


TechTalk-Introduction-2 from Murray Hallam on Vimeo.


Bev Ditberner - Comment
Bev Ditberner31 Aug 2015Reply
Hi Murray-just getting a few things from your store -pa 80 air pump and some pots-but i also need a backup system and looking at yours i see that you have a 12 v 550 l hour water pump-is this better than a little air pump would you say-im in Brisbane and expecting some hot days this summer-hooping for no blackouts!!could you explain the difference.of the two pumps pls -ta
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics31 Aug 2015Reply
The backup system is the way to go if there is some power outages due to good old Brisbane storms and the like. That is the way we have all of ours setup and it works very well. I hope this is helpful. Murray
rob mccullough - Comment
rob mccullough15 Oct 2015Reply
i placed a order for the indy system and it doesnt show up is their a problem with my order thanks Rob
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics15 Oct 2015Reply
Hi Rob, we have searched all our orders for a missed order and cannot locate anything in your name. Please provide details such as date ordered, how paid etc. Thanks.
Tommy Kanstrup - Comment
Tommy Kanstrup10 Jan 2016Reply
I have been looking at Aquaponics for almost a year now and your webpage and videos give me the kick I need to try to start this in our home in Thailand
Do you ship to Thailand?
best regards
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics10 Jan 2016Reply
Yes, we ship worldwide.
Dee - Comment
Dee12 Oct 2016Reply
Hi Murray,
Thanks for the informative website.
If I can ask you a question and hopefully others could learn from my question too.
My lettuce is going yellow, flowering and under develop. What seems to be the issue, please?
aquaponics - Comment
aquaponics12 Oct 2016Reply
Lack of nutrients. It is just that simple. Too few fish, or too little fish food going in. Without some more info it is not possible to give an accurate answer but try those two first.

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